In 2014, Northwood Way Productions was formed to restore, publish and distribute Podipto's original and unreleased recordings. The company is jointly owned by John Collins' surviving family members: his widow, Margy, and his children, Judah, Josh and Anna. The company's name is taken from John's original publishing entity, established in the mid-1970s. We hope and plan to restore and reissue John's solo recordings, as well as unreleased recordings of Podipto-related bands, including The Squires and the Benson Obermeyer Fruitstand Band. You will also find Podipto guitarist Dan Lund's solo albums—out of print on CD—for sale as digital downloads.

We take this project very seriously, and it is reflected in the quality of the CD productions you will receive. We have taken the recordings to professional sound engineers, to ensure that the integrity of the original recordings is preserved. Restoring and reissuing this music is expensive! If you would like to make a donation to help us to get this music into the hands of fans, please click the button below.



Josh Collins
Northwood Way Productions LLC


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