Karen's Song (Studio Demo)

(J.S. Collins)

This is the original studio demo version of "Karen's Song," by the 1970s Minnesota band Podipto. Written by John Collins and featuring Karen Regnier (Lund) on lead vocals, the song offers powerful commentary on the loss of young life during the Vietnam War. This demo was recorded in 1970 for the band to shop to record labels.

Mississippi Woman (Studio Demo)

(J.S. Collins/J. Sundrud)

This is the original studio demo version of "Mississippi Woman," by the band Podipto. This version is featured on Podipto's 2015 two-disc release, The Woodcut Sessions/Live at Chateau Paulette. Dan Lund's wailing guitar work is immensely superior to the version that appeared on their debut LP, which is the work of a session players the studio used to play all of the instrument parts.