Karen Regnier (lund)

Vocals/Piano 1969-1975

Karen was a founding member of Podipto, and was married to lead guitarist Dan Lund. Prior to Podipto, Karen performed with several of the band members in the Benson Obermeyer Fruit Stand Band.

Following her days in Podipto, Karen moved to Fargo where she played in a band called Canyon with Steve Rundquist, Jack Sundrud and Wilson Roberts. She also did a duo with Roberts and played in the Johnny Holm Band along with Rundquist.

After four years in Fargo, Karen moved to Minneapolis where she played in four different country bands including Sweetwater with Dan Lund, and Dakota with Chet Ellingson. She played in three different duos, one with Becky Reimer-Thompson. Karen also spent several years working as a solo artist. During this time Karen played extended periods at The Depot, an upscale restaurant in St. Paul, and at the Historic Anderson House in Wabasha. Somewhere in the midst of this, she contributed piano and vocals to John Collins' album, Minstrel Man, and sang harmony on one of Dan's CDs.

Karen's final gig as a musician was playing in a band on a cruise ship with Dan, on back-to-back tours into Glacier Bay in the early 1990s. Karen continued to play for her own enjoyment every day on her Kawai upright grand, which was a lifelong dream to own.

Karen died under tragic circumstances in her home in Andover on June 1, 2017, along with her husband and their grown son.

This is the original studio demo version of "Karen's Song," by the 1970s Minnesota band Podipto. Written by John Collins and featuring Karen Regnier (Lund) on lead vocals, the song offers powerful commentary on the loss of young life during the Vietnam War. This demo was recorded in 1970 for the band to shop to record labels.

Photo from Devils Lake High School year book - 1972

Photo from Devils Lake High School year book - 1972