John Collins: Heart On The Mend (Digital Download)


John Collins: Heart On The Mend (Digital Download)


John's final solo album, recorded one year before his death in 1995. John spent several weeks immersed in the studio with Chester Ellingson engineering and playing drums. Dan Lund played lead guitar on "Rodeo Heart," "Miss You Baby," "Headed For Trouble" and the second lead on "Oklahoma Girl." Kate Nelson contributed piano, organ and synthesizer. Vocals, guitars, bass and harmonica all by John.

File format: MP3, 192 kbps, 44.1 kHz. (If you prefer 320 kbps send me a note through Contact.

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  1. Headed For Trouble
  2. Somewhere In Colorado
  3. We Could Make Amends
  4. Miss You Baby
  5. Tell All The People
  6. Slow Burn
  7. Oklahoma Girl
  8. Rodeo Heart
  9. Dance Away The Blues
  10. I'm Gonna Lose A Good Thing
  11. That Boy Who Was Rock & Roll King