John Collins: Minstrel Man (2015 CD Reissue)


John Collins: Minstrel Man (2015 CD Reissue)


Minstrel Man is John Collins' first solo album, released in 1978. The record showcases John's maturing singer-songwriter sound, with his signature vocals and unique style of fingerpicking front and center. 

The CD reissue features two bonus tracks: a rough version of "Rainfall Down In Texas," that was recorded but discarded in the final mix; and a new remix of the title track that brings out some of the higher tones in the guitar work, and additional vocal harmonies.

John was joined in the studio by former Podipto bandmates Dan Lund on electric guitar, Karen Lund on piano and harmony vocals, Wilson Roberts on bass and harmony vocals, and John Calder on drums. Bob Strength also played drums, Russ Pahl played steel guitar, and Jeff Dayton provided cellos. John Calder produced, engineered and mixed the original LP.

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  1. She Whispered A Song Of Love
  2. Railroad Blues
  3. Angel Love Me
  4. Mean Ol' Cat
  5. God Speed My Love To You
  6. Minstrel Man
  7. Hillbilly Filly
  8. Margy
  9. Whiskey Makes Me Lonesome
  10. Sweet Delta Wine
  11. Ships Of Wood

Bonus tracks:

  1. Rainfall Down In Texas (1978 Unfinished Track)
  2. Minstrel Man (2015 Alternate Mix)