Podipto (45th Anniversary Deluxe Edition) [Digital Download]


Podipto (45th Anniversary Deluxe Edition) [Digital Download]


Podipto's first official album—self titled and sometimes known as the "woodcut" album—is available on CD and digital download for the first time. The MP3 version includes an eight page digital booklet with photos, original liner notes and notes about the reissue.

Originally released by GRT Records, this LP established Podipto as one of the hottest bands in Minnesota. This deluxe edition is sourced from an unblemished vinyl and was restored and mastered by Greg Reierson of Rare Form Mastering in Minneapolis. The reissue features a selection of live recordings from two different January 1973 shows, the exact date and location are unknown. These particular live recordings came from Jack Sundrud's archives.

File format: MP3, 192 kbps VBR, 44.1 kHz. (If you prefer 320 kbps send me a note through Contact.

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Track Listing:

Original album tracks:

  1. Morning Song
  2. Mr. Robin
  3. Can't Stand To Beg
  4. Karen's Song
  5. Mississippi Woman
  6. Three Days Runnin'
  7. Love Of The One
  8. Think I'm Likin' You
  9. (Lola) You Ease My Achin' Heart
  10. (In The) Misty Morning
  11. Good Morning Blues

Bonus live tracks:

  1. Aimless (Live)
  2. Long Long Time (Live)
  3. Spread The News (Live)
  4. Think I'm Likin' You (Live)
  5. Playin' With the Band (Live)
  6. Let The World Arise (Live)
  7. Southern Lady (Live)
  8. Could I (Live)
  9. Wind In My Ears (Live)
  10. Magic Forest (Live)
  11. You Shook Me (Live)