The Woodcut Sessions / Live at Chateau Paulette (Digital Download)

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The Woodcut Sessions / Live at Chateau Paulette (Digital Download)



This two-disc set is a must have for any Podipto fan. The first CD contains 19 studio demos, 15 of which never made it on to an official album. The best part: these songs sound just as the band intended them. Read the liner notes below to learn more about a story that Podipto fans never knew: the record label had replacement players—L.A.'s famous "Wrecking Crew"—play the instrumental parts on their first album.

The second CD contains a full concert of the band playing Chateau Paulette in Park Rapids, Minn. Close your eyes, and you'll see the lamp at center stage, you'll feel the beach ball pass over your head, and you might even hear your old friend Bud making his way through the crowd!

Album Liner Notes:

Tracks 1-5: Roy Berg Tape - Bemidji, circa 1969
These were the first tracks Podipto recorded before their record deal. Roy Berg, a voice instructor at Bemidji State University, invited the band to record in a classroom. Mike Hedlund played drums, as founding member and drummer John Calder had been drafted to serve in Vietnam.

Tracks 6-11: Original Demo - Chicago, 1970
Through a connection with the manager for The Guess Who, Podipto was introduced to talent managers who flew in to listen to them play in the basement of the Bemidji United Methodist Church. The band soon went to Chicago to record a demo to shop to record labels. Except for the first track, Calder’s “River Bottom,” these songs were included on their first album with GRT. The record label, as was common in the 1960s and 1970s, convinced the band that session players—members of the now-famous “Wrecking Crew”—needed to rerecord the instrument parts in an L.A. studio. The band objected to replacement players, but the label insisted and they were told to focus on their live performances. Dan Lund was allowed to add his guitar leads to the tracks, except for “Can’t Stand To Beg” and “Mississippi Woman.” Thus, these unreleased studio demos are the only versions that feature performances by the full band. Following this session, Steve Rundquist replaced Hedlund on drums.

Tracks 12-19: Second and Third Demos - Chicago, 1972
With their first album complete and gaining national attention, Podipto hit the road, opening for various top-tier folk, rock and country acts. Their second and third demo sessions feature songs that would have been on their second album with GRT. However, the departure of a key label executive left the band in a lurch and without a record deal. This independence allowed the band to self release their second album, Homemade, though none of these tracks would appear on that album.

Live at Chateau Paulette, Park Rapids, Minnesota - June 1973
The chateau, a trading post dating back to the 1800s, was a popular site for dining and performances, with ample dancing room around their famous stone replace. Podipto played the venue several times. This concert, here in its near entirety, captures the band as many Podipto fans remember them: vibrant, full of humor, and ready to deliver several sets of unforgettable live music. Rundquist leads much of the evening’s banter. 

File format: MP3, 192 kbps VBR, 44.1 kHz. (If you prefer 320 kbps send me a note through Contact.

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Track Listing

Disc 1:

  1. Send Out The Warrant (Collins/Lund)
  2. Could I (Sundrud/Collins)
  3. Clock Song (Sundrud/Collins)
  4. I Live Out In The Country (Collins)
  5. Spread The News (Sundrud)
  6. River Bottom (Calder)
  7. Misty Morning (Collins/Sundrud)
  8. Morning Song (Sundrud)
  9. Mississippi Woman (Collins/Sundrud)
  10. Karen's Song (Collins)
  11. Think I'm Likin' You (Collins/Sundrud)
  12. Restless Soul (Collins)
  13. Falling Faces (Collins)
  14. I'm Going to Canada (Collins)
  15. Madeline (Sundrud)
  16. Southern Lady (Collins)
  17. Let The World Arise (Collins/Mimms)
  18. Could I (Sundrud/Collins)
  19. Over Yonder Hill (Collins)

Disc 2:

  1. Buckaroo (Rundquist)
  2. I Live Out In The Country (Collins)
  3. Rainfall Down In Texas (Collins/Palmer)
  4. Ships Of Wood/So Lovely In The Fall (Collins/Sundrud)
  5. Clock Song (Sundrud/Collins)
  6. Good Morning Blues (Collins/Sundrud)
  7. Mississippi Woman (Collins/Sundrud)
  8. Think I'm Likin' You (Collins/Sundrud)
  9. Morning Song (Sundrud)
  10. [Kazoo Jam]
  11. A Whole Lot Of Beer (Sundrud)
  12. Play That Song Again (Lund)
  13. Angel Smile (Collins/Sundrud)
  14. Got A Feelin' (Collins)
  15. [Guitar Jam]
  16. Achin' To Be Free (Collins)
  17. Pisces Lady (Collins/Sundrud)
  18. Black Eyed Suzie (Collins/Sundrud/Goldknopf)
  19. Restless Soul (Collins)
  20. Three Days Runnin' (Collins/Sundrud)
  21. Miss You Baby (Collins)