2CD Set of Unreleased Studio Demos Available April 14

The Woodcut Sessions/Live at Chateau Paulette

If you've already purchased the deluxe 45th anniversary edition of Podipto, you've had only a taste of the treasure trove of extras that we're pulling out of the Podipto vaults.

The release that we are most excited to get in the hands of fans is at the presses and will be available in just a couple of weeks. The first disc in the set, The Woodcut Sessions, features 19 unreleased studio demo recordings that show the band's unique style emerging and taking hold. Fifteen of these tracks are songs that never made it on to either of Podipto's official albums. 

The second disc features a concert from June 1973, recorded at Chateau Paulette in Park Rapids, Minn. The recording includes banter between songs, and will bring you back to experience the band's live performances.

Here is a preview of the cover artwork and track list. Pre-orders will start next week, only at podipto.com.