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New Podipto Website!

For those of you who have been waiting patiently for the past decade for me to finally reissue the Podipto catalogue, I offer you my sincere gratitude! The rest of my family—John's widow Margy; their eldest child Judah; and youngest child, Anna—are absolutely thrilled to be on the cusp of sharing this with you.

Having been born in 1977, Podipto was always something that my dad had been part of, but it wasn't something I had been around for (some of you may remember my brother at concerts, with his long hippy-child blond hair). More than anything, this project has been about discovering a remarkable part of my dad's story, a part that touched a great many people. For our family, this is something we are doing to preserve the legacy of what my dad and these other amazing musicians made together.

So hold on, we are just a short time away from putting it all out there. And the first step is launching this new website. The previous site was designed in an application that isn't even supported any longer, so I haven't been able to update it in several years. We're rocketing into the future folks, with a keen eye (and ear) to the past. Please enjoy the ride.

Me with my dad, circa 1978.

Me with my dad, circa 1978.