Documentary in the Works on Minnesota Bands: The Underbeats and Gypsy

Minnesota (and native Bemidjian) Aaron Goodyear is directing a documentary film about another legendary Minnesota band. Here is his summary:

In the 1960s, The Underbeats became one of the most popular bands in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis/St. Paul. Founder Jim Johnson left the band in 1966 after he was drafted to serve in Vietnam.  When he returned in 1968 the band left Minnesota and relocated to Los Angeles. 
In 1969 The Underbeats changed their name to Gypsy, landed the house gig at the Whisky-A-Go Go on The Sunset Strip and played with everyone who came through the club in 1969 and 1970.  Learn about the band's bizarre coincidental connection to the Manson Family and follow them as they graduate from the LA club scene to full on arena rock.
Follow Gypsy's endless tours with The Guess Who and their four musically ground-breaking records that went almost completely unnoticed.  This is the story of Gypsy and my quest to find out why they never gained the national attention and notoriety that their music deserved.  We drop in on some former members to see who they are today and how music has shaped their lives.  
Discover one of American Rock & Roll's missing links and find out how one member is still working hard to keep Gypsy's message alive.

The filmmaker still needs to travel to various locations across the country to finish shooting the interviews with former band members, and some famous fans of the band. Please consider visiting his Kickstarter page and chipping in a few bucks to ensure this important piece of Minnesota history isn't lost! And make sure to visit the project's Facebook Page.

In 1968 Twin Cities band The Underbeats headed west and changed their name to Gypsy. This is the story of an important piece of American rock history that has gone largely unnoticed. Follow the band from their Minnesota beginnings to Hollywood's Sunset Strip to international touring with The Guess Who and beyond.