Mastering Almost Complete on Reissues

I've been working with Greg Reierson of Rare Form Mastering in Minneapolis on restoring the audio for the new releases, and I have to say, he is doing an excellent job. My initial plan was to restore them myself, but there is nothing like hiring a real professional to do the work. The music is so good, it deserves to be done the right way. You will all be thrilled with the final product, I have no doubt. 

This is taking a bit longer than planned, but after letting this project simmer for 15 years, what is another month or two? So we're looking at a January-February 2015 release for the first wave of new music.

All of the unreleased music comes from 1/4-inch reels that were sitting in boxes in my mom's basement, and wherever Jack had them stashed. Amazingly, they are in pretty good shape and the handwritten labeling is sort of hilarious. 

Stay tuned for more updates.